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All British Day & SCCA Annual Concours "Spridgets Galore & more"

Sun 27th AUGUST 2017.

WHERE ? - The Kings School - 82-129 Pennant Hills Rd, North Parramatta.

WHEN ? - Sunday 27th August 2017 - gates open 7AM - display 9am to 3pm.

WHAT'S ON ? - The annual ALL BRITISH DAY & SCCA annual Concours & Picnic Day - BBQ Lunch +++ included.

COST ? - NO cost to you & your passengers if you display a vehicle. You need to submit the ENTRY Form (see Bulletin 1 below) otherwise YOU WON'T GET A CAR TICKET AND YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY.

G'Day Fellow Sprite/Midget Enthusiasts (& ALL SCCA owners of "other British Origin Vehicles PLUS those who would if they could")

Here's Bulletin 6. This will most likely be the last Bulletin before the EVENT, the ABD/SCCA Annual Concours, SO PLEASE READ TO THE END.

This year there is NO PARTICULAR THEME, although I have elected to head the Bulletin with "SPRIDGETS GALORE & MORE" - there's always something NEW to see - we have NEW MEMBERS who will be displaying their pride and joy too AND another 1500 or so vehicles of British Origin from many other car clubs on display.

We are privileged to have 3 official sponsors this year:

  1. MOTOR ACTIVE - the company that should be foremost in your mind when it comes to Car Care & MEGUIAR'S - this is JUST one of the brand names under the MOTOR ACTIVE group. Check the other brand names in their BANNER at the top of the attached Bulletin. They have also hosted several Technical nights that we have thoroughly enjoyed, at their headquarters in Silverwater. There is always so much to take in - demonstrating many of the 100+ products they have. They will again be supplying, amongst other things, a show bag with some "goodies" and a few other "surprises".

    There will 2 of their BANNERS on display too

  2. Penrith Muffler Man; Andrew Woodall (SCCA Club member) has hosted many a technical event at his premises in Kingswood, NSW. Andrew has also professionally fitted/modified many members' car's exhaust system - mine included, and is always able to give advice - THANKYOU again Andrew & Mike.

  3. Sprite Parts; Colin Dodds (SCCA Club Registrar) - always willing to assist with ALL your needs for your Sprite, Midget or Mini.

  4. *********IMPORTANT*********

    SOME VERY, VERY IMPORTANT instructions for the smooth ENTRY & enjoyment of this HIGHLY POPULAR ABD/SCCA Concours Day - (also refer to Vehicle Entry Plan)

    1. ALL display vehicles must enter and leave via Masons Drive (from 6.40am if you like). All SCCA cars must be in place by 9.00am to get some BREKKY, and so you don't get caught up in the traffic build up on Pennant Hills Road. Best approach to Masons Drive would be from James Ruse Drive direction. This should reduce or eliminate waiting at the traffic lights, to turn right at Masons Drive - there may be a left turn only to assist. Use MASONS DRIVE ONLY & avoid traffic congestion with those attending The Kings Spring Show (on ALL weekend in the School).
    2. Trailered vehicles will only be issued with 1 (BLUE) windscreen label to be affixed to the INSIDE of the windscreen of the TOWING VEHICLE. NO label required on the display vehicle. An SCCA member will be at point 4 as shown on the attached Vehicle Entry Plan, so check the plan, enter via MASONS DRIVE and continue on to OUR DISPLAY area.
    5. Layout of Display Area - same as last year, 2016, where SCCA display area was about 60 or so metres West of the tennis courts. So enter off Pennant Hills Rd into Masons Drive to the check point, then you will be directed to turn right into Masons LANE. Follow this, stopping as directed and finally turning RIGHT at point 3 (on the Vehicle Entry Plan) and travel approx. 100 metres up the road where you should be able to see on your LEFT, OUR CLUB'S YELLOW sails. We will have members to direct you into a display spot, so make sure the WINDSCREEN sticker is top left of screen on the INSIDE of the TOWING VEHICLE or YOUR DISPLAY vehicle if that is what you are driving.
    6. Park where directed then GO DIRECTLY to registration for check in and receive your "goodies", including meal tickets.
    7. Return to your vehicle and place your DISPLAY CARD in a prominent position on your vehicle.
    8. HAVE FUN

    As of Sunday 13th August 2017, we have 91 Vehicles of British Origin and 185 people registered to attend. We still have a few ENTRY TICKETS left. What a great opportunity to renew friendships, consolidate existing ones and form new ones - we have had quite a few new members join us so far this year, several of whom have Sprites and or Midgets, so come along - you might even learn something new! ENTER & enjoy this rewarding day. BRING a HAT, a CHAIR, Sun cream (we've ordered a sunny pre-spring day), a camera and plenty of good humour - we can all do with a laugh!.


    1. Display Day Bulletin 6 (.pdf)
    2. Display Day Bulletin 5 (.pdf)
    3. Display Day Bulletin 4 (.pdf)
    4. Display Day Bulletin 3 (.pdf)
    5. Display Day Bulletin 2 and Entry form (.pdf)
    6. Display Day Bulletin 1 and Entry form (.pdf)

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